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Our Vision

We recognize the tremendous need for the next generation of healthcare clinicians and IT technicians to have hands-on access to electronic health records within Health Science programs at all education levels.

Our AnyEHR program provides an application neutral approach for students to learn and master the fundamentals of electronic health record systems as it relates to each clinical course of study or technical discipline.

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A Neutral Approach To Learning Any EHR System

AnyEHR can be used to accompany health science training curriculum as well as healthcare IT technical training curriculum.
Clinical Study

Clinical Study

Hands-on interactive training with electronic health

records to enhance learning and comprehension for

students seeking medical certifications.

Technical Study

Technical Study

Unique vendor neutral program offering IT student

access to proprietary EHR maintenance, design,

and build tools for healthcare IT certifications.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Reinforce your current clinical expertise or enhance

your skill-set with technical knowledge of EHR

components and implementation support.

Prepare Students For Any EHR Today

Use AnyEHR to accompany any health science curriculum as well as healthcare IT technical training programs.

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Custom Patient Scenarios

AnyEHR offers both inpatient and outpatient scenario simulation from admission to discharge.

Build and Maintenance

AnyEHR provides tools for teaching design, build, and maintenance of each module of the AnyEHR system.

Registration and Scheduling

AnyEHR offers training modules for patient registration and scheduling for both inpatient and ambulatory settings.

Assignment and Tracking

Train core concepts of patient assignments and patient tracking based on patient acuity levels.

Clinical Documentation

Teach clinical documentation workflows via clinical forms and advanced clinical provider notes.

CPOE and ePrescriptions

Teach computerized provider order entry and simulate the electronic prescribing for various patient scenarios.

Clinical Patient Histories

Learn to review and record patient problem, procedure, social, family, medication, and allergy histories.

Patient Fluid Balance

Learn to review and record patient intake and output values via a clinical intake and output flowsheet.

Lines, Wounds, & Devices

Teach insertion, assessment, and removal workflows for lines, wounds, drains, tubes, and devices.

Our Process

Step 01

Search and Compare

Step 01AnyEHR offers full use of our EHR platform for teaching clinical end-users and healthcare IT technicians.

Step 02

Healthcare IT Training

Step 02AnyEHR is the only program that provides access to proprietary design, build, and maintenance tools for training.

Step 03

Review Our Packages

Step 03Review each AnyEHR package and choose between monthly and annual billing options.

Step 04

Organization Subscription

Step 04Purchase a subscription for your organization and start learning today.

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